The book is authored by Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen, founders of A/B testing company Optimizely. Despite their amount of technical experience, the first edition of the book is an introduction to the non-technical aspects of A/B testing.

The book consists of a series of examples that may serve as point of reference when you come up with your own ideas of what (not) to test, how to introduce A/B testing into your organization and how to implement it.

On the positive side, the book may be read in one sitting and may serve the purpose of educating non-technical audiences about the purpose and benefits of A/B testing. The majority of the examples cover front-end features and are therefore easy to understand.

On the negative side, the book will not give technical audiences any actionable information. The book does include an appendix that tries to explain point estimates, interval estimates and test statistics. However, the explanations are terse and the appendix spares the use of examples.

I recommend this book as an introduction to A/B testing for non-technical people. If you are looking for theory and practice, you may want to look at another book.

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